Outsource the management of your property to us:

We will increase your revenues
We shorten void periods; we scrupulously charge tenants for repair

We will increase the safety of tenancy
We do selection of tenants, monitor the payments

We will save your time
We react to sudden problems and any notification’s from tenants

You will find us
in many of the major cities of Poland

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Mzuri's customers reviews

The decision to sign a contract with Mzuri proved to have been right in the “bull’s eye”. With the help of Mrs. Beata we found tenants very quickly, without wasting our precious time. If it were not for Mzuri moving out with our children and simultaneously finding tenants would not have been possible.

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Mzuri provides a completely new services on the Polish market – property management, which for years existed in the Western markets. We assume from the property owners, all of the responsibilities connected with the tenancy management. We manage all types of properties: apartments, houses and small commercial premises. Our clients include individuals owning a single flat for rent as well as people with 20 or more apartments for rent. Because we’re managing over a thousand apartments for rent we accumulate experience very fast. Right now we have 5000 house-years of experience – it’s as if we managed 1 apartment for 5000 years!

Right now we have 5698 house-years of experience
- it’s as if we managed 1 apartment for 5698 years

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Nasz Blog został zgłoszony do konkursu Blog Roku 2013! http://blogroku.pl/2013/kategorie/mzuri-nasz-blog,7zw,blog.html Zapraszamy do głosowania i życzymy miłej lektury :)

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Z wielką przyjemnością informujemy, że jest już dostępna najnowsza książka Sławka Muturi – "Mieszkanie na wynajem - moja droga do wolności finansowej ". Jest to interesująca lektura, dla...

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